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(Brawler) Limo Service
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Joined: 30th Jun 2014
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1st May 2018

Req. Rank: Brawler

Prospects: 1-3

Equipment: Pistol, Your Best Suit

Job Description: Your job is to act as both the driver and the protection detail for one any of the VIP's pictured. Once you've made the pickup, bring them to their destination.

  (VIP's go to a limited number of high profile locations. McFallen Manor, Bahama Mama's, or the Vanilla Unicorn. The destination must be at least one mile from pickup. To complete this job: You need to take a picture with the NPC acting as your VIP, a screenshot of the waypoint on your map, and a picture of the same NPC at their destination.)
Forum » Forums » Downtown Cab Co.
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