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27th Apr 2018

:-This is a contract, which means the first person to finish the job will decide the outcome of the story. However, the efforts of those unlucky enough to follow will not go unnoticed.-:

Req. Rank: Ironclad

Riders: 1+

Equipment: Anything Silent

Job Description: We finally have a chance to hit those Lost boys in the wallet. I don't mean some lost cash over missing purchases, I mean a serious blow to their profit margin. That way they don't have money to spend in the first place.

  Ace Liquor, even I've bought some Redwoods there. Come to find out, it's just a front for a Lost meth lab. I thought something smelled funny, I just figured it was the other costumers.

  So thanks to our friends in high places, we were able to get some schematics on the most recent renovations to the building. That, coupled with some scouting by Prospects, we know this place is locked down pretty tight. Even the windows are barred. That causes serious problems for you, because I need to to figure out some way to destroy that lab. Luckily, it also means you can do just about anything without harming any innocents that might be downstairs. Speaking of which, this place might be guarded. You won't know who's a guard either, if there are any. If someone starts shooting, you have my permission to put them down.

  Unfortunately for you, I also need to see the interior on fire. This place is built so solid, it's entirely possible a fire on the outside will never reach the inside. So that's the challenge here: Finding a way to destroy the interior, without ever stepping foot inside. Hell, I don't even need you to torch the joint, I just need you to do something that'll cause a bunch of chemical explosions.


  I hope I don't have to tell you to stand back, whatever you do. If you do have to get close, make sure you run like hell when you're done. There's some serious shit in that building. Get it done however you need to, it's in your hands.
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