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1.  Respect. Regardless of personal feelings, respect is a priority. It doesn't matter whether they're a high rank or a low rank, everyone will be treated respectfully.

2. Obedience. When someone of higher rank gives an order, you follow that order. If you think it might be something that the Councilors wouldn't agree with, or is counter to the Syndicate's rules or principles, then you may contact a Councilor and discuss it with them.

3. There's a time and a place to do certain things. While roleplaying, you will act as though it is real. You will not goof off, shoot your teammates, or go on a rampage. Act according to whether you're in or out of character.

4. We use a lot of high end weaponry and vehicles; planes, helicopters, technicals, buzzards, even insurgents. But Tanks, Fighter Jets, APC's, and other such equipment is not allowed. We push the limits of what's realistic, but there is still a limit.

5. Weapon Access. The weapon you'll use in the majority of your work is your sidearm and/or compact weapon.  However, due to the nature of who we are and what we do, there are situations that call for more firepower. So you are allowed to have up to three weapons in the trunk of your car (or in your saddlebags) that fall under the assault rifle, sniper rifle, or submachine gun categories. Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Explosives, and MG's are all off limits outside of missions that designate the use of them.

-5A. Outsiders cannot own any weapons aside from sidearms.

-5B. Affiliates can only own non-modified weapons.

-5C.  Soldiers and above can own modified weapons.

6. Vehicles. Lieutenants and lower cannot own any vehicle that cannot be taken off the streets in Los Santos and have a tracker put in it.

-6A. Company owned vehicles (Armored Schafter, Armored Benefactor XLS, Armored Baller, Armored Cognnoscenti, ect.) are available for job purposes only and cannot be privately owned by anyone who is below the rank of Lieutenant.

-6B. Piloting aircraft requires completion of the San Andreas Flight School. You must post a picture of yourself (Wearing the Elitas T-shirt that you earn upon completion) in the Pilot Topic.

7. Second Characters. You can have a maximum of two characters (Even in different organizations), however your second character cannot go past the rank of Lieutenant. You must also create a secondary iClan account for that character, so that you can post as that character without confusing people as to which character you are using.

8. Housing. Outsiders and Affiliates can only own a low-end apartment. Soldier through Lieutenant can own Medium Apartments. Captain and higher can own high-end Apartments.

Disclaimer: Rules regarding weapons, housing and vehicles are in-roleplay only.

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Streetname: Nyk
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"We control the entire world from the shadows. That is where our power lies, with nobody knowing just how much we control."

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